Valitracks Services

Valiracks supports a wide range of services from linguistic validation, Cloud TMS, virtual interpretation and more.
Valitracks will give you full grasp over the steps of COA development and migration.

Digitaly transforming the world of COA instrument development, medical linguistics and clinical research support services

Virtual CD Interviews
Interactive TMS System
Remote Interactive Interpretation
Usability Testing
Patient And Clinician Recruiting
Building AI Algorithms
What Makes US Unique

Continuous Improvement

  • 1
    Team Buidling

    Our platform continuously adds new clinicians and patients to our system. These potential collaborators are validated by us.

  • 2
    Interactive Virtual CD inerviews

    We provide the industry's one and only software for virtual CD. We can build you a customized interactive interview template that can be adapted whenever you want.

  • 3
    AI Integration

    Our platform generates unique summary report, provides different angle view over research and applys smart algorithms to enhance the outomces of your research.

  • 4
    Expert Focused

    As an exclusively medical platform, our focus is to bring your processes to the optimal compliance with various clinical and medical regulations around the globe.


See what people are saying about us

Great Software

Project Manager

Impresive performance

Valitracks is revolutionary, it is able to change the way we conduct our projects and our time allocation for each step as well as different look at the project as a whole.
Manuel Sam

Angel Investor

Great Team!

We are clients of NovimedGroup, when we had the chance to collaborate with them on Valitracks, we didn't think twice. A great team of talented, trustworthy and ambitious people.
Muhammed Bahaa

Project manager at LSP

Awesome work

We partner with Novimed on linguisitc validation processes. Since the introduction of valitracks, ur productivity doubled as well as the outcome.
Evengelis Savvas

Cognitive Interviewer

Very effective!!

The software gives me the chance to review the interviews again, followup much easier and focus on the linguistic core of the project rather than on the ``paperwork``.
Jerald Sehu

Project Manager

Very fast!!

We noticed we have been able to reduce the validation process speed at our company by 30%, simply by the fact that the whole processes is well monitored and documentation is great.
Juan Mata


Nice job!!

Valitracks was able to reduce our valiidation budget by 10%, furthermore, everything is more clear and planning budgets is just easier due to the documentation and transparency that it creates.
David Shaul


Great Potential!

The effectivness of this software as well as the huge market it serves makes it one of the most promising investments. I can't wait to see how this evolves.
Mirka Stanislavska

Account Manager at Pharmaceutical

Unique Software!

We are finally able to shed more light and precision at our linguistic research support operations. This software is great because it addresses our needs and is adaptable. Cheers!

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