Virtual Cognitive Debriefing

Converet Your CD Process Into A Digital Process.


Remotely Manage Validation Teams

Build your linguistic valdiation teams online, instruct them and comment at every step of the process.


Keep Anonymty

Our smart process and protocols gives every party the ability to stay anonymous. Applying best industries practices alongside with technology.


Cloud Interactive TMS

Use our TMS system to comment and followup on the various steps of the validation process.

Helping You Manage Your COA Migration

Valitracks turns the whole process of linguistic validation into a digital process. Providing a digital interactive platform for cognitive debriefng interviews, cloud interactive TMS, usability testing and more.
  • Be On Top Of The Process
  • Save Your Time
  • Overall Reduction In Communication Requests
  • Save Your Resources

Cognitive Debriefing

We are the world's first platform to manage the process of cognitive debriefing. Valitracks provides a modern solution for the complexity of cognitive debreifing interviews, providing a faster path for linguistic validation as well as adding transparency to the process.
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What Is Special About Valitracks?

Valitracks is the world’s first and only full-stake linguistic validation software.

Why To Use Valitracks?

Valitracks converts the linguistic validation process into a centralized process. Giving you a faster COA migration process and better documentation, control, and access to the different steps of the process.

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